Route 66 Museum Paranormal Activity

There are many interesting things within the walls of the California Route 66 Museum. The museum is well known for its collection of Route 66 memorabilia and it is housed in a building was once a thriving business. At one time the building was known as the Red Rooster Cafe with an adjacent cocktail lounge. The Red Rooster Cafe was a place that brought many of the railroad workers together with military personnel from nearby George Air Force Base.

Yet as time moved on, the Red Rooster Cafe closed its doors for good and its furnishings, equipment, and patrons all made their way out of the building. Everything that occupied that building left — but maybe something got left behind.

It seems that the museum may have an interesting visitor still within its walls. A few bizarre activities have been experienced by staff members which have not been easily explained. While stories of ghosts are not uncommon when dealing with old vintage buildings, it is not something that this museum is known for. Yet, it seems that the museum’s building has had its fair share of ghostly tales over the many years. This may be due to the unexplainable presence that is often felt within the building.

Some museum staff members have spoken about experiencing some kind of paranormal incident themselves or by others. The slamming of doors, radio turning on and off, and visions of a shadowy figure passing across a room are just a few of the occurrences. Could this be a spirit of someone left behind from a time long ago? Or maybe the desert wind is the reason for the slamming of doors. Yet during such events, the outside air was calm without any wind.

One story that has been told is when a member was asked, at the end of the day, to gather some items from the storage room. It became a task that resulted in an uncanny encounter with something that seemed unexplainable. When the staff member returned, empty handed from the storage room, he tried to explain himself to the other staff members but was at a loss for words. When simply asked if he saw a ghost, he just nodded yes.

Recently, a team of paranormal investigators offered to examine the building for any  supernatural activity. They hoped for the chance to experience some kind of abnormal activity. As with those who investigate for things of that nature, special equipment was brought in to record any events that may occur.

The investigation took place at night and lights were kept off in the building. A special meter was used to detect any electrically charged objects. The team moved around the space of the museum building, entering from one room to another. They aimed the meter at walls, at objects, and at unoccupied space. The meter lit to a high reading when it was in the area in which many of the sightings or feelings of presences had taken place before.

With the use of an EchoVox instrument, a voice was heard calling out a woman’s name. The paranormal investigators tired to have a dialogue with what ever was present, asking questions in hopes of a reply. In doing so, a man’s voice was heard on the EchoVox instrument and replied to some questions asked. Answers included were that his name is Tim, he is from the United Kingdom, and originally stationed at the nearby air base during World War 2. At one point the man’s voice became frustrated and communicated in a harsh tone to turn off the device, in which the team did so. The temperature in the room was recorded to be at 75º F but dropped down to 66º F during the voice encounter.

The paranormal investigators made a second visit with similar results. A name of woman was once again called out and heard on the EchoVox, but it was a different name from that of the first visit. Also a sighting of a figure took place in one of the rooms by a few members of the paranormal team. A video camera was then placed in the room but was strangely turned off during its use. The team’s meters also seemed to go off the charts for activity within the room.

Although the paranormal investigators considered both nightly visits to be a successful one, the mystery of what exactly is taking place within the walls of the museum may be unanswered. In short, is there a spirit within the museum and do the findings of the paranormal investigators prove that a ghost is present?

Whether the museum is actually being visited by one or more ghosts may be up to the individual themselves and in his or her own personal beliefs. For some this may be is just another old building with a ghost story attached to it. For others it is a place worth seeking out to better understand the paranormal world.

It is important to note that there has never been a visitor that has reported any sightings or encounters of ghosts or supernatural occurrences within the museum. Maybe the museum ghost enjoys visitors coming to learn about Route 66.