Saying Goodbye to the Studebaker Truck

For anyone that has visited the California Route 66 Museum, we are sure that you have seen our vintage green Studebaker truck within the parking lot. Many of the museum’s visitors have posed along side our old friend for a picture to capture moments of their adventures on Route 66. Photos of the truck has appeared in countless social media posting and became an icon of the museum.

Sadly, the time has come to say goodbye to this old friend and it does come with a bit of a heartache. The green Studebaker truck was placed for auction with I-15 Auctions handling the transaction. A big thank you goes out to Jeff Patterson, CEO of I-15 Auctions, and to his staff for helping us with this matter.

The choice to sell the Studebaker was not an easy one to make. After all, this little green truck became a friend to so many visitors and a love for it grew stronger over the years. Even though the truck was loved by so many, the museum’s insurance company felt that it created a liability and therefore it needed to be removed off the property.

The board members of the California Route 66 Museum agreed with the insurance company’s recommendation of removing the Studebaker truck off the property as not to be placed in any liability. The choice became clear that the truck should be sold so that the funds from the sale could be used to benefit the museum. Traditional selling methods were tried but with no profitable results. Placing the Studebaker in an auction was the best choice in order to yield a high return.

As of March 21, 2018, the Studebaker truck has left the grounds of the museum and is on to another adventure. Its new home will be in Queensland, Australian, where we are sure that it will bring great joy to many.

As we say goodbye to an old friend, we also look to the future of keeping the legacy of Route 66 alive.