Museum’s Route 66 Diner Exhibit

At the California Route 66 Museum, one of the popular exhibits is designed after a 1950s American diner. The exhibit illustrates the culture and restaurant style in America’s post-war era which continued in the 1950s and early 1960s. It was a time period in which Rock ‘n’ Roll music, milkshakes, and hopped up cars helped to define of what many today enjoy about Route 66. A time that life seemed to be much simpler.

Relive a bit of history and sit at our Route 66 diner booth. Its red bench seats, white table, and a jukebox are sure to take you back in time. We have even added in a few food props on the table to help with the classic diner experience. There is also a tabletop jukebox and a traditional diner jukebox within the exhibit. While the jukeboxes may not function as before, it represents how many teens of the past would have listened to the popular the music of the time.

Be sure to look at the wall above the booth. It showcases some of the era’s diner culture, cars, and of course Elvis Presley.

We welcome our guest sit at the diner booth and take some pictures with their cameras. The diner booth is a wonderful place for selfies and group photos. Feel free to ask one of our volunteers to snap a picture of you and your group.


Here are a few snap shots of the museum’s guest at the Route 66 Diner exhibit.