Cracker Barrel & The California Route 66 Museum

  Cracker Barrel

A Partnership is Made

The California Route 66 Museum is very pleased to have joined in partnership with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Victorville. We are looking forward to the shared mission of preserving America’s heritage.

Cracker Barrel has long been known for their homestyle meals and historic decor. The vintage items that create that down home feeling are not reproductions, but are actual artifacts. Viewing their collection of antiques is like a snapshot of days gone by within the United States.

In a local newspaper article written by Rene Ray De La Cruz of the Daily Press, “Cracker Barrel celebrates “heritage and stories” by decorating its store walls with “artifacts and memorabilia” of the local area, something the company calls one of the most “beloved parts of the Cracker Barrel experience.”

Likewise, The California Route 66 Museum in Victorville has been looked to as a place where one can glance into the past of American history and its heritage. The museum’s mission is to promote, preserve, and educate the public about the cultural influences of Route 66. There is also a commitment to the local history of Victorville.

Both Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and The California Route 66 Museum are dedicated to preserving the heritage of the United States and of the local area and have created a partnership to continue to preserve that heritage.

From the Daily Press Article:

“To celebrate a shared mission of preserving America’s heritage, Cracker Barrel is partnering with the California Route 66 Museum to support the museum’s mission of preserving and promoting the culture and history of the area.”

“This partnership will give the community an up-close look at the Victorville Cracker Barrel’s unique decor and celebrate the local heritage and stories behind each item.”

Click here to read the article from the Daily Press newspaper

Opening Day

On December 18, 2017, with a headline of “Cracker Barrel sets opening date for new store in Victorville,” the announcement of the partnership between Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and the California Route 66 Museum was featured in Victorville’s local newspaper, The Daily Press, along with the scheduled opening of February 5, 2018.

From the day that it was made known that a Cracker Barrel would be built in Victorville, it has become big news with many of its locals. Many of the residents wondered about when the new restaurant would open. This will be California’s first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the state.

A billboard, placed along southbound Interstate 15 (I-15), also announced the opening date and dubbed the coming of the new restaurant as “Golden State, meet golden biscuits.”

The new restaurant will be located on Victorville’s Restaurant Row on Amargosa Road, south of Bear Valley Road.

Travelers, Route 66, and Trains

The restaurant’s highway facing location will not only be a prime spot for local residents but also to the many travelers from I-15, which is the main thoroughfare to Las Vegas from Southern California and those traveling Route 66.

The legacy of Route 66 has brought many visitors from around the world to explore the landscape and the American culture. Part of that American Culture is not only the open road but of the railroad system within the United States.

If you have ever driven Route 66, you may have noticed that railroad tracks are usually close by. In fact, there are many points along the route where the road and the railroad tracks cross each other.

Within Victorville, both the railroad and Route 66 are present and have deep roots in its history. The City of Victorville was named after California Southern Railroad’s General Manager Jacob Nash Victor.

As part of the partnership with Cracker Barrel, the California Route 66 Museum will feature a special Lionel Trains exhibit to highlight the heritage of Route 66 and of Victorville. This is sure to be an exhibit for all ages to enjoy.